Lift Beams

Tandemloc Rentals lift beams are below the hook lifting devices designed to connect directly to the lifting hook of a crane without the use of top rigging. Tandemloc Rentals lifting beams also come in combination variations, giving users the versatility of multiple top and bottom pick points or adjustable top padeyes. 

AP01A00-00A-PA Forklift Spreader Bar & Lift Beam Combination Lifter (WLL) 5,000 LB. @ 12 Feet or 8,000 LB. @ 8 Feet Forklift Attachments, Lift Beams
A multi-purpose Tandemloc lift beam and spreader bar that can be used in conjunction with forklift tines, a crane hook, or top rigging available for rent.
Starting From $ 45.11 per Day
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AD12000A-1PA Adjustable 12' Lift Beam, WLL 10T Lift Beams
The AD12000A-1PA 12' adjustable lifting beam, available for rent from Tandemloc Rentals, is a versatile, low headroom lifter with a WLL of 10T (20,000 LBS), an adjustable pad eye, and two adjustable lifting hooks.
Starting From $ 95.40 per Day
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AN10A00-00A-PA H Frame Lifting Beam Lift Beams, Spreader Beams/Frames
The AN10A00-00A-PA H Frame Lifting Beam, available for rent through Tandemloc Rentals, features a telescopic frame that creates a versatile lifting frame ranging from 72”-120” X 16”-96” with a maximum working load limit (WLL) of 5T or 10,000 LBS.
Starting From $ 115.76 per Day
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AL50C00-00A-PA Lift Beam & Spreader Bar, WLL 20T Lift Beams, Spreader Beams/Frames
The AL50C00-00A-PA Lift Beam and Spreader Bar. available for rent from Tandemloc Rentals, has over 30 bottom pick points and 15 top pick points with a maximum working load of 20T.
Starting From $ 130.87 per Day
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AK12A00-00A-PA Multi-Pick Spreader Beam, 35' Long, WLL 12.5T Lift Beams, Spreader Beams/Frames
The AK12A00-00A-PA Multi-Pick Spreader Beam available for rent from Tandemloc Rentals has a WLL of 12.5T and is 420" long with two two top pick points and 36 bottom pick points.
Starting From $ 139.17 per Day
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AB39000A-1PA Spreader Bar and Lift Beam WLL 50T Lift Beams, Spreader Beams/Frames
The AB39000A-1PA is engineered to function as both a spreader bar and a lift beam, giving users the flexibility to adapt many different situations. Available for rent.
Starting From $ 180.47 per Day
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