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1. Rent exactly what you need, when you need it.

Never settle for something that’s “close” to what you need, demand exactly what you need. Whether you need a specific spread, working load, or have a special application, like container lifting or pipe lifting, Tandemloc Rentals provides lifters for many different applications. Browse our products pages or use our search box to find exactly what you need.

2. Rent safe, tested, proven lifting, rigging, and mobilizing equipment made in the USA.

Whether the requirement is from OSHA, ASME, or even from the corporate office lifting equipment is highly regulated, and for good reason. All lifters available for rent from Tandemloc Rentals are compliant with the latest ASME and OSHA standards including but not limited to ASME B30.20 and OSHA 2232 (1918.61). Every lifter, container caster, spreader, and tow bar is made right here in the United States from raw steel to finished product. Our lifters are individually proof tested before being offered for rent.

3. Avoid the maintenance.

All Tandemloc Rentals equipment is inspected, certified, and ready for use when it arrives on your site*. When you’re finished with it, ship it back. It’s that simple. Tandemloc Rentals performs all of the necessary preventive maintenance and testing on our equipment so that you don’t have to lose any production time when it’s in your possession**.

4. Save time, and money.

Renting is almost always cheaper than purchasing an item outright, and it also saves you the cost of storage, maintenance, and the overhead that comes with such responsibilities. 

5. Support

Tandemloc Rentals is a division of Tandemloc, Inc., the ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of almost every item offered for rent within the division. Tandemloc’s knowledgeable sales and customer service staff, located right here in the United States, can assist you with equipment related questions that might come up during use.

*For end cap rentals, pipe will also need be rented and the kit assembled upon arrival.  

**This does not include OSHA’s requirement for inspection prior to each use. It is the user’s responsibility to carry out OSHA’s inspection requirement in compliance with the latest OSHA regulations at time of use. 

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